Thursday, March 12, 2009

Home Designs

So since I will be moving into a new place, it is time for new decorations!!
I started out just wanting to draw to kill time and wound up with a new set idea. I want 2X3 frames with cute characters with a statement for each room. This one will be for the bathroom. What do you think?

I will post more as I make them throughout the week.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Another start perhaps

Hmmm.... June 08. A lot has happened since then. I am writing to you as a different person.
There have been so many things I wanted to share and unfortunately the more time that passes, the more reclused I become. Therefore I am back here wanting to vent and share. Then just maybe I will feel better and maybe just hopefully maybe you will get a good story out of this in the end. Maybe someone will even read this.

Things I learned this past week. It seems standard in California to not come with a refridgerator in apartments. I would love a really old teal one. Ones with the silver lines on it like a cadillac.

When I get to Laguna Niguel I will start yet another new life. I am going to try and take the fullest advatage of it. Once I am settled in, I am going to have the next 4 months to paint. I will be able to time myself and see if I can produce in that manner. It will be an interesting test because I want to be able to create a large enough body of work to go to a gallery with by Sept.

For now here is a happy girl. I just finished playing command and conquer.