Monday, April 20, 2009

Another little girl

So I finished another girl for the home. Do you like the asian theme or do you think it should be mixed cultures? I'm in between. I am enjoying doing the facial masks.

I am currently waiting for my jumbo veggie protein link to be done. I am addicted to relish. Mix that with a giant bun for carbs and that's how a vegetarian eats a hot dog. I was looking at old photos of myself and for as much as I love my natural red, I am thinking of a choppier cut with a more extreme color. I will probably get over it within the next few days. Everytime I get bored I just want to cut all my hair off, so before I do something drastic I will eat and work on the next illustration. This one will be from something I felt when I first moved to California. It will be a more high detail illustration, so it will be another week or so before it is done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


So this week has been quite productive so far! On Monday I finally got the chance to read through my notebooks and gather all my ideas and thoughts and make an agenda. I work much better with a schedule. Especially if I make it a tight one. I am going to be balancing painting during the day and illustration at night. And whatever free time I have either watching a movie or learning Flash or both. Do you think I am a work-a-holic much? There is really just NOT enough time in the day...

The thing that I am had the most trouble with was trying to figure out the timing for the schedule. Right now everything is a guessing game and I need to adjust according to how fast I work. I have thus far given myself 2 weeks to complete a painting from beginning to end. I do not know where this stands as of yet. I have put 6 hours into compositing, sketching and starting to layout some paint. This is definitely a good place so far to me. I was thinking of posting "in progress" shots, but I don't want people to have their own perception while I am working b/c I feel then it might fall short of what someone imagined. When I have the final piece done, I will then probably add in progress shots after the final image so I can share my process with you. This is going to be a great trip!

As for now, here is a little illustration that I finished this morning.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bedroom art

Here is the art that I made to be put up in the bedroom. It was kind of made before I thought of doing it as a series, so I will probably do another to match the asian girls. I love this though. It's so peaceful.

new life

so it was quite the adventure moving out to california. I am now residing in Laguna Niguel which is right by the beach! Hooray! I got some good gestures done there. Plus! I saw a seal in the water right on shore!!
This past month has been chaotic with a lot of love and support coming my way, so thank you to all the people that have helped me through this transition. It means a lot. I will be putting pictures of my new place up tomorrow so you can all share the love I have of my new place with me.

Now with that said, I have a painting to put up that I finished in the beginning of March. If you remember, I was working on a piece featuring Derek and his baby. I created a painting that I felt really touched upon the aristocratic side of him. Let me know what you think. It was the first time I was using Pumice and it was awesome and disastorous at the same time. I used it as a main element with I think next time I should paint and then apply it as a detail pass. Putting it on first kept me from fixing problems throughout since all the texture was there. AH, well you live and learn.