Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I am alive

Hello my fellow darlings...
It has been a long, long week, but for every crazy week a beautiful one will follow.
I can't wait to go to the library tomorrow. I officially have a list of books I want to get.
Art School libraries are the best. They have such a variety of helpful magazines, books
for inspiration, reference and learning. I think one of the first things I am going to do
when I get back home is go to AIOC and see if they will allow me to take out books from there.
Anyway, I thought I would also post my last project up called Vanity. I know it's not that
good, but putting the bad ones up can show the growth I guess. I do like the colors though.

I know this is short, but I am off to Figure drawing. Maybe I will post some of those as well.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Long Update

Alright kids... So I went to Florida. I have been taking an extreme illustration boot camp for 2 weeks now and I have 5 more to go.... It has been really good so far. I have been meeting really inspiring people, learning new tricks and in the process of either adding or eliminating things about my artwork and where I want to be.
For anyone who was following this freaking saga, there was a lot of back and forth of me going, but I am definitely happy that in the end I decided to go. A huge part of me can not wait to go back to California with all of this knowledge and start applying it to my personal work. I do not really have time to finish personal work here, but I am working on sketches for a few different projects so that at least I will have a head start. Part of the Academy is learning to strip yourself and the importance of the process that leads you to your wonderful finished product. I am definitely going to start doing more pre planning before jumping into projects from now on.

SO! Here is my second project that I did. The assignment... Celebrity Portrait. Given by the super talented Anita Kunz I got to hold tracing paper sketches that were in Time and Rolling Stone Magazine. How crazy.

Now... here is Eminem. I drew it out on paper, then vectored it in Illustrator, printed, mounted and then covered in an acrylic/polyurethane mix.